How to Make a Feminist Reading Group for Two

Page submitted to a feminist discussion group in Providence RI, for a Zine they are creating (2014). Do try this at home (and please send email if you would like a PDF copy to print).

Surrealism and War

I contributed to a Exquisite Corpse drawing for the Surrealism and War exhibit at the National Veteran's Art Museum in Chicago (5/26–11/1/14). The show primarily featured work by veterans, curated by Aaron Hughes. Jeanne Dunning co-curated "The Exquisite Corpses of The Unknown Veteran." Ryan Griffis was asked to start one of these drawings, and invited me to complete the middle section and pass it to a third artist. I asked Christiane Leach to complete the final panel and mail it back to the museum. Two of the panels are about John Horse and the third is about an ancestor veteran. We each completed our section of the drawing with the other parts hidden...only a hint at the theme, orientation and small lines indicating body placement were shown.