March 2014

2014 Artist of the Year

America's Least Livable City

I'm pleased to announced that through a nomination and jury process I've been selected as Pittsburgh Artist of the Year 2014 by the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. This is a huge honor, and a unique opportunity to show new work. A solo show, America's Least Livable City, and other works, will open in Pittsburgh May 9, 2014.

About the show: In 1985 when Rand McNally first singled out Pittsburgh as “America's Most Livable City,” the artist's hometown of Yuba City, California was ranked dead last. The townspeople were indignant, but responded with humor and imagination. America's Least Livable City is a multimedia installation that explores the struggles of everyday life and the community cohesion that still occurs when the outside world disregards you. I will also show archival material from my work with the subRosa art collective, and a miscellany of new works.